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Alpha​ Diving Club

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At Alpha Diving Club,

We’re all about embracing challenge a​nd having fun in a safe developing springboard diving program,

Providing dive lessons for every level,

We are located in the Seattle Metropolitan Area, specifically at Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center (Federal Way) and at Mt. Rainier Pool (Des Moines).

Bellevue: Coming Soon

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(206) 294-2492

Work Hard for your results

We have been building springboard and platform divers from the ground up, and we have realized that the best way to get to achieve your goals is to do it with passion and hard work. 

Whether we are in Venezuela or in Seattle, Washington our goal is to bring our athletes to the best of their abilities.

To Accept Fears And Overcome Them

We are all afraid of something in life, and what makes us courageous is to face the fears head on and overcome them.

Levels In Our Program

At Alpha Diving we are all about finding the right level for our divers.

We currently have two main paths: School and Junior Olympics.

School: This is the entry path of all of our divers, where they learn the fundamentals 

and get ready to invitational competitions and High School diving. We have 3 sub-divisions on this path. 

- School I: One hour of dry and one hour of wet practices.

- School II: Two hours of dry and two hours of wet practices.

-School III: Two hours of dry and four hours of wet practices. 

Junior Olympics: This is our competitive Team. This group is dedicated to represent our 

Team in Regional, Zones, Nationals and beyond. Ask for specific information about the price

This group has four hours of dry and six hours of wet practices.

What our customers are saying

I love the personal attention our kids get and the 'by your side' instruction

Kristen Lindeman

What our customers are saying

We love Alpha Diving Club!! Alejandra Fuentes and Ilich Marcano are world-class coaches!

Paul Mullally

What our customers are saying

My son enjoys learning the sport of diving. Its taught with the utmost safety for our children in mind. These coaches are "Prime" and are dedicated to our children to excel beyond what they might think possible. So, for it has paid off. My child qualified for Junior Nationals with only one season of diving under his belt. Thank you "Ale and Illich".

William Grandberry

What our customers are saying

So much to learn but we can already tell our coach is AMAZING!!!

Marianne Gardner